X is for X-FACTOR

X is for X-FACTOR


My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines X-Factor as “a quality that you cannot describe that makes someone very special”.

Well, all the animals I met in my life so far had the X-Factor: They all had the ability to open up my heart. But I can not say how they did it, and this is what I call the X-Factor.

Even if I had to work hard to gain their trust, there was always the feeling I was given a fair chance and wasn’t judged. They always held me accountable for my actions, but forgave me at the same time. They all did see more in me than humans often did and accepted me for was I was, helping and protecting me along the way. They gave me love without asking for something in return, and maybe that is the key.

But even if I can’t explain this completely, one thing is for sure: They made me a better person. And this is what counts in the end.



5 thoughts on “X is for X-FACTOR

  1. What a big heart you must have to love so many animals in your life time. I too love animals, but mostly I’m a dog lover, but in my lifetime I’ve had kitties, fish, and birds… oh and my daughter found bunnies that their mama didn’t come back because we touched the nest. So we used an eyedropper to feed them & one by one they hopped away & my poor baby cried so hard until I bought her a ferret (against my will because I heard they really stink, but she promised to keep the cage clean & I REALLY DID hehehehe)… I just got a new puppy (about 2 or 3 yrs I think) from a Pet Shelter & we gave our Charlie his forever home…. Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing.

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    1. We have two former stray dogs from Romania, and our cats mostly are rescue cats as well. When I was a child my parents were very strict as well and allowed me to have budgies as hamsters – as you say, my mother was very busy keeping the cages clean 🙂 Have a great weekend too!

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  2. I have never read a definition for the X-Factor before and I like the concept very much! I agree about animals, I do think they are more real, and more forgiving. They may see our weaknesses and our mistakes, but they don’t hold them against us. I have had pets that were just warm and friendly companions, and then I have had and do have a few that seem able to touch my very soul and communicate to me without the need for words. I am always heartbroken when those get old and pass.


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