Occupational Therapy, Part 5

Occupational Therapy, Part 5


Today was my 31st single OT session. My therapist suggested to try something creative again after all the cooking, and we agreed on silk painting a pillowcase.

She would have liked if I tried something “freestyle”, but I didn’t like that idea. I make my own templates (the pencil drawings on the silk on the picture above), but I don’t want to draw without a plan. I tried my whole life to stay within lines, I just can’t let got of that 🙂

She advised me not to use a drawing compass for the circles, because it could cause holes in the fabric. Of course I did use a drawing compass, and it didn’t tear the fabric. I like to use what I am used to, and the risk was small.

Until now I took nothing home from my OT sessions (the food of course, but nothing creative). I told her that I am decuttering in the moment and I won’t keep anything I don’t like. We agreed that my pillow will stay in the OT office as a test object, in case it doesn’t please me. It won’t get just thrown away.

I will give my best to create a pretty pillowcase. But if the result doesn’t appeal to me, I won’t burden myself with it. For now, there is a two weeks’ break, because my therapist is on holiday.

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4 thoughts on “Occupational Therapy, Part 5

  1. I am like you and feel more comfortable with pre-planned patterns and designs. I do like to draw mandalas on paper though, but a I use a compass to start with a small round center and sometimes more concentric circles such as you have to keep it even. I wish I had more artistic talent to freehand, but I don’t trust myself to it. Do you have any idea what you are going to paint yet? I am excited to see your pillowcase in progress, but it is nice to have a little break first!

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