Of course my love for animals didn’t stop when were holidays were concerned 🙂

When I was a little girl, my parents spent three weeks every summer at the Baltic Sea. We went with a colleague of my father and his wife, they had two teenage children who liked to ride. And of course I wanted to ride, too! What you see on the photo is my first riding lesson. I liked it a lot! The horse’s name was Moritz, by the way. He was very experienced with children and always stayed calm no matter what.

Later, I would touch any animal I was allowed to. When we were on hiking trips to Hesse, I met Whisky, a retired riding pony. He was very patient with me and didn’t mind me while having his dinner.

When I was a teenager, my parents let me have riding holidays. At this time, this was heaven on earth for me. This photo is from my last riding holiday, where we studied for a certificate. This certificate says that you are capable of taking care of a horse and riding it as well (I think every rider should have to take this test). There was a theoretical and a practical test, I aced both. The photo shows me with Windy, the horse that I was assigned to for this week. She was a little bit like Nizza, bitchy when stallions were around and absolutely not a horse for beginners, but a very good teacher and compliant once you earned her trust.

This a big thank you to all the animals that made my holidays!




6 thoughts on “V is for VACATION

  1. I can’t think of a better way to spend a vacation than with animals! If I had one magical wish to come true it would be to own and operate a cat sanctuary for senior cats so that their older years could be wonderful times for them. We love getting to interact with other animals when we are on vacation too!

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