Occupational Therapy, Part 4

Occupational Therapy, Part 4


We finally finished our picture in group OT. We worked on it for the last 12 sessions. Not always everybody was there, but three to five people worked on it every time. As I mentioned here, things not always went smooth, but we did it.

Today we were suprised how many details can be found in the picture. The intern compared it to a hidden objects game, where many little things can be seen. The sky was made by using a sponge, there is real sand in the seabed, the ship has felt sails, and the chest is made from real wood.

The office manager liked the picture so much that she wants to put it in the waiting room, for everyone to see. It’s quite big, about 1,20m to 1,00 m.

Well, we were very relieved this afternoon. The next sessions will be spent with everybody working on her/his own project 😀.

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5 thoughts on “Occupational Therapy, Part 4

  1. I think it is truly lovely, with so many different things to look at! It will be fun to have it hanging up for everyone to see and to know that you had a part in it! ❤ I struggle with group projects too, because I always have my own ideas of how things should go, or I want to do more than my allotted part, or someone isn't doing their part. I do better with projects on my own and I suspect that you will too! XO

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