U is for UNIQUE

U is for UNIQUE


My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

You can guess from what I wrote so far in this A-Z challenge, that I had a lot of furry and feathery companions in my life. They all thaught me a lot, but the most important thing is: EVERY ANIMAL IS UNIQUE!

Of course every species comes with certain characteristics, as do breeds. But this is not all that defines an animal’s soul. There, I said it: I believe animals have a soul, and that having a soul it not something given only to humans. Because they have a soul as well, we can have those wonderful, deep relationships with them. Because they have a soul as well, we can connect to each other. Because they have a soul as well, they have every right to be treated with respect and love.

But I digress. If you know a cat, you know THIS cat and not all cats. One cat my stay distant all of the life, another will follow you around and snuggle. The same goes for budgies, dogs, hamsters, horses… you name it.

This is why you should put aside every expectation far away if you meet an animal. You could misjudge it because you assume too much. Allow yourself to discover everything this animal has to give, because you are open. And together, you and this special animal will paint a part of this canvas together that is your life.


8 thoughts on “U is for UNIQUE

  1. I absolutely agree that each animal has a soul and also their own unique personality just like humans. Sometimes people think when replacing a pet who has died with a new one that they will fill the same role. That is unfair to the new one, who will be different, but will come with their own reasons to be loved. Your key word… respect… is exactly what is needed when dealing with all living things… plants, animals and people!

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