S is for SAMMY

S is for SAMMY


My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

Of course, S is reserved for my heart cat, Sammy!

What still amazes me after living without her for more than half a year, is the amount of love she left behind.

I have to say a heartfelt “Thank you” to all those who helped me grieving. Nobody said: “It was just a cat! Get your sh*t together!” So many people comforted me, listened to me or just were there. And there was Jackie, who patiently stayed with me as long as I needed it.

My therapist, a very matter-of-fact man, told me, grieving for a pet can be as strong as grieving for another human being… At least this is true for me. And when the grief lessens, the love still stays. It is like a comfortable, yet light blanket.

At first I thought, I would never be able to love a pet again. But now I am back to my normal, pet loving self 😄. And back to my original mission: Adopt and save as many homeless pets as Sammy in this life as possible!

I think, Sammy would like this very much. I can imagine her looking me in the eye and purr: “Finally you get it!”



4 thoughts on “S is for SAMMY

  1. This is surely your best A-Z post of all, and such a sweet photo! What a wonderful way to memorialize Sammy, and to honor his love in your life. You are so right, that the hurt eventually lessens, but the love remains. To this day I will start thinking about my Stormy and some of his sweetest behaviors and how he used to talk back and forth with me, and I can’t help but smile and feel him very close by. Our furkids are full-fledged member of our families, and we love them as much as we do any other. Parting is so painful, and yet we somehow find the courage to take in a new one and to love again, because that’s what love does… it keeps giving, and we find that we always have more to give. Sammy was blessed with the very best Mommy, what a reunion it will be at The Bridge for you some day! XOXO

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