My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

Yes, where animal protection is concerned, I am quixotic. I believe a world is possible in which animals are treated as the feeling, intelligent creatures they are.

Sadly, this is not the case right now. Instead I shed tears for every animal that dies in the shelter and was not given the chance to be a beloved and loving family member. I cry for every pet that has to leave its family because it just became a burden. I get upset when animals are exploited for profit.

And still a part inside of me refuses to give up and become cynic. How could I not? Our pets give me so much love. Pets are adopted from the shelter and live happily ever after. We adopted pets from the shelter ourselves. We got to know many people that fight the same fight.

So I go on with making the world a better place for humans and animals. Our home is our safe haven against a world of ignorance and neglect. The world is full of these small isles of happiness, and I hope they will continue to grow and make the word a better place.



9 thoughts on “Q is for QUIXOTIC

  1. I agree some day science will be able to prove they are able to understand more than what we give them credit for. Whatever is in our hands to do we must keep it the good work to protect them

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  2. Oh Viola! This was powerful and lovely, especially the final paragraph! Although we can’t save every animal (and how we wish we could), we can change the lives of some forever, and just as you said, they give us so much in return! A house without a pet is not much of a home I think, they bring an unconditional kind of love and devotion that people can’t match. I love your dedication to their welfare and your caring heart! You make a difference! ❤

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