P is for PIPSY

P is for PIPSY


My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

Ok, Pipsy is not a very special name for a bird. But I was six years old when I got my first budgie, so bear with me here 🙂

As I mentioned before, my parents were very reluctant where pets were concerned. But I insisted. We agreed on a budgie. He was a very cheerful, entertaining fella. Soon he was part of the family. He followed me everywhere, my mother loved to sing to him, and my father (always the teacher) taught him special whistles. None of my budgies (I had them until I was 25) learned to speak, though. But this didn’t matter. They always cheered me up and asked for nothing in return.

When my now husband and I moved into our first appartment, I brought a budgie with me, he had a cockatiel and two budgies. They brightened this small, dark place considerably.

But there is one outstanding memory. Germany isn’t famous for earthquakes, but they happen. I woke up on April 13th 1992, shortly after 3 a.m., feeling very confused, but I couldn’t put a finger on it. My sixth sense told me something was very wrong, but I didn’t know what. Then the budgie got mad in his cage next to my bed, I heard him flapping around. Now I was really worried. Then there was a strange noise, and then everything shook! We were very lucky, nothing happened to us. But I never will forget Pipsy’s psychic abilities.

Since this happened, I really pay attention to the behavior of my pets. They feel things and they are very clever, I am sure of that.



4 thoughts on “P is for PIPSY

  1. My daughter had a pet bird for awhile too, and she enjoyed it so much! This post really brought back memories, as when I lived in Germany in the 1970’s, I awoke one night to feel our bed shaking and heard dishes rattling, we lived on the seventh floor of an apartment building. It was very strange, and when I told my husband about it he was certain I had dreamed it, until we went to town and everyone was talking about the minor earthquake! Animals really are intuitive about things we can’t sense. I always pay attention to their behavior. Although sometimes I think cats like to stare at dark doorways or down an empty hallway just to see if they can scare us! :-))

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