O is for OLAF

O is for OLAF


My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

You could say that it was my parents’ fault that I wanted to take riding lessons. One (very early) Christmas they gave me a rocking horse. We decided to name it Olaf – I don’t remember any specific reason for this name.

Olaf came with saddle and bridle, and he stayed with me well after I started school, approximately six years. Finally, I became to big and heavy for him. Olaf also had wheels under him, so he could also be pushed and pulled through the entire appartment. His fake fur was quite long, and he had a long mane and tail. I liked to groom him with a brush for hours. I also “fed” and “watered” him, of course 😉

I always liked rocking and swinging motions (yes, my father even set up a swing in our flat for me). It never failed to have a very calming and relaxing effect on me. And while I was safe in my room, my mind would come up with many exciting scenarios. I would roam endless grasslands or I would be a cowgirl – everything I wanted. And I had a very vivid imagination 🙂

So when I think of Olaf, I always will remember this feeling of absolute freedom of my mind.



4 thoughts on “O is for OLAF

  1. What a wonderful memory tied to this delightful stuffed horse! I can see where Olaf could easily have fueled your imagination and caring for him was practice for all the animals you would love and care for as you grew older! ❤ I am loving your theme, so many animals that have a special place in your heart and memories!

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