Ten Things of Thankful, Week 15/2018

Ten Things of Thankful, Week 15/2018

Ten Things of Thankful

So I proudly join the TToT-community. Let’s see what I can contribute:

  • Had a nice talk with an older Lady on the bus. We both felt better after this.
  • A very nice cashier said to me: “Take your time, it’s your turn now!” when I struggled to put my groceries away because my back was really b*tchy this day. It was really very friendly to say so, because there where so many people standing behind me.
  • My husband met a friend while while walking the dogs. She said she will contact me so that we can visit the yearly charity of a shelter for pitbulls and staffs. This is always fun.
  • A friend observed that our “special” dog improved in the last weeks, that he is calmer. Alway good to hear our training pays off.
  • My mother loves the hand cream I bought for her. I am glad I could make her happy.
  • Had a very emotional talk on the phone with my father. This really helped us to understand each other better.
  • Messaged with a friend, whose husband had suffered from kidney stones. He is better now, that was good to hear.
  • It was so warm last week that I re-arranged my clothes for the warmer season. Always a great feeling.
  • We had our windows cleaned by a professional cleaning company. They come twice a year, and they are such a great help for me.
  • Was able to surprise my husband with a few new dishes. He liked it, and it was a nice change.



8 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful, Week 15/2018

  1. You had so many good conversations and conversations that needed to be said. Windows being professional cleaned must have made the world seem much brighter. 🙂
    I’m glad the training is paying off with a better behaving “special” dog, and nice that someone had noticed.

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  2. This was an awesome list of thankfuls,and you did it after a difficult week. Your heart is always in the right place and I love that! Gratitude can keep us going at the worst of times.

    You had some great conversations this week… on the bus, at the store, about the dog, and even with your Dad! Conversation promotes healing for us and for the people we speak with. It was so kind of the store clerk to reassure you, it is easy to feel pressured when there is a line behind you waiting, and she is right, they can wait their turn!

    I am glad that your special issues dog is slowly making progress, love and patience rarely fail!

    It is great that your mom loved the handcream you sent her, I know that made you feel good!

    Putting aside Winter clothing is surely a feeling of relief, meaning warmer days soon to come. And please send your window cleaner to visit me! I love clean, shiny window panes, and yet I don’t often get it done. It does make everything seem brighter!

    Thank you for sharing with us at TToT, and have a really good week ahead, Viola! XO

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