K is for KATZE [ˈkaʦə]

K is for KATZE [ˈkaʦə]

Sascha 1979_1

My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

The word “Katze” (german for “cat”) was something my parents learned to hate in 1978 and the following years!

In Summer 1978, we were asked to catsit my cousin’s cat, Sascha (everybody thought it was a male cat, until the cat become a mother, so don’t wonder about the name).

Sascha, as you can see on the picture above, was an absolutely adorable kitten. She came to my bed at night to cuddle. She also drove my father nuts, because she liked to hide and attack him. She liked food with tuna in it, and the whole appartment reeked of it. She soon discovered the budgie cage and would sit in front of it for hours.

But I wasn’t allowed to have a cat as a child. And rightly so, I might add. My parents were of the opinion a cat should be able to roam outside, which wasn’t possible back then (I am not of the same opinion, but they wanted a cat to be happy). My parents also always liked to travel, and it is difficult to find somebody who takes care of your pets responsibly. It is easier to find somebody who looks after small pets, so bugdies and hamsters were all I was allowed.

But having cats never disappeared from my mind. My husband, who grew up with cats, always wanted to have one. So, in 1996 Micky joined our home, and we never regretted it.




5 thoughts on “K is for KATZE [ˈkaʦə]

  1. I have loved cats ever since I was small too! We had one that used to hide behind the sofa and attack my Dad, he didn’t much care for them either! 🙂 There will always be the debate of cats being free to roam outside or kept in. I wish it was safe for them out there, where we live it is not, but they still lead happy, healthy, curious lives, and keep us entertained! We have five now! You are blessed that your husband loves cats, just as mine does. We are also lucky to have found someone who lives in our area that does a great job in caring for our cats when we are away, it is not always easy to find that. I am always sad to leave them, but happy to have them running to greet us when we finally return home again!

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