I is for IRMI

I is for IRMI


My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

Meet Irmi! She is a very relaxed and calm Shizu-Mix, approximately eight years old. She was also mentioned in the local papers last year. But not for very good reasons.

She was found tied to the bike rack in front of the local shelter ON CHRISTMAS EVE. Who has the heart to get rid of a family member on Christmas? Next to her was a letter, saying she had to leave her family because of allergies and a new baby. Unfortunately, she wasn’t chipped. To this day, the previous owner has not been found.

Later the vet found out Irmi is ill. Bladder stones and mammarian cancer required two surgeries. The shelter thinks, money was the real reason for abandoning Irmi.

But there is a good ending to this story. A woman who walks shelter dogs every Saturday together with my husband fell in love with Irmi and decided to adopt her. But she also lives with cats, and it was not clear how they would react to a dog.

Everything went well. Irmi enjoys her new home. Her new owner told me she was a little agitated for two days, then she settled in. The surgeries went well, we hope she has a few good years left. At least she now lives with a human who will not abandon her.

I can just repeat myself over and over again: Adopting a pet means a livelong commitment. They see us as a part of their pack and care for us. We owe it to them to treat them the same way. Giving them away has to be the last option.




6 thoughts on “I is for IRMI

  1. We adopted a shelter dog named Little Bit. She was the best baby ever. She developed allergies to so many things and that required dad giving her two shots a month to control the allergies. They were expensive, but she got two shots a month right to the end. Yes they are family members and should be properly cared for. I’m glad this little one found a great forever home.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

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  2. Doing something like abandoning a dog in this manner is heartless, doing it on Christmas Eve tells me a lot about the person who did, and I am thankful that Irmi doesn’t live with them anymore. I am so grateful for the lady who has taken her in, seen that she got the care she needed, and has given her a loving, safe home to live out her life. Dogs and cats often learn to live together in harmony, people should follow their lead!

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