G is for GINGER

G is for GINGER

Purzl 1997

My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

Well, I have a confession to make: I always wanted to have a ginger cat with blue eyes. The cat in the picture was from Austria, near Salzburg, were we went skiing twice with my husband’s family. It was a male cat named “Purzel”, what roughly translates to “tumble”.

But somehow I never have been adopted by a ginger cat. Please note that I said “I was never adopted”, not “I never adopted”.

When my husband and I are looking for a pet, we try to push our expectations away for the moment. We introduce ourselves very calmly and respectfully to the animal and then wait what happens. Animals are very good in judging humans, they gather so much information from us in just a few moments. And they are very honest with us! If a pet shows no interest in us, it basically says: “Thanks, but this will not work.” And I have to admit: Our pets were always right!

Most animals are brought to a shelter, because their humans didn’t listen to those signals. Most humans have a very exact image in their mind what they are looking for, and they are not willing to look elsewhere. I don’t say that future pet owners shouldn’t think things through before they adopt a furry family member: It is very important to be aware of the conditions the pet will live in. A big dog in a small appartment will likely cause problems, as will a cat if a family member is allergic to cats.

But why limit yourself to a certain breed… or the colour of the fur? Other things are more important: That your character and the temperament of your pet match, for example. And let me tell you this: This moment, when a pet shows you it choses you as a life companion (and they never settle for something less) is pure magic. I was lucky to be adopted by Sammy and Jackie, and I still am at a loss how to put this into words.

So, trust the instinct and the wisdom that are alive in all pets. And prepare yourself for a fascinating bonding experience!



6 thoughts on “G is for GINGER

  1. I hope a ginger adopts you someday. We have been blessed when Prancie showed up at our door on a cold January day in 2005, she is a sweetie.

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  2. Your wisdom and understanding of animals is amazing, Viola! This was all so true. They choose us, we don’t choose them. Even the cats in our house choose weather they prefer to sit on Mom’s lap or Dad’s in the evening. I like your message about appearances, this goes for people as well as animals… what difference does it make what they look like, or how old they are, or if they have imperfections? It is the heart and the temperament that matter, how well we will complement each other and get along. Common sense about size, activity levels and other needs is important too. Don’t adopt a dog that needs lots of exercise if you live in a small apartment and are away at work all day! Sophie, Toby, and Smokey definitely chose us from the first moment. Tiggy and Gracie were born here, but we chose to keep them from their litter because they connected with us. Papa Bear loves ginger cats, and that’s why he fell in love with Tiggy… who looks very much like her father did and is often mistaken for a male. She is also very sweet and undemanding. Animals are so very perceptive about people, almost telepathic I think, and will do best if they get to choose!

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    1. Our personal experience sadly is backed up by the people that deal with this on a daily basis in the shelter. Many pets are brought back because the humans fell in love with a picture, and not reality.

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