F is for FLIKKER

F is for FLIKKER


My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

I wanted to take riding lessons since I was a little girl, and I always loved to be around horses. My parents were afraid I could be injured by one of those big animals or fall down, but I didn’t give up. Finally they relented, and we found a stable not so far away. I started with equestrian vaulting to get used to horses in general and learning how to stay on a horse’s back. The trainer assured my mother after several months that I could begin with regular riding lessons: That I was fearless, but not reckless, that I kept the appropiate distance and that I could read the body language of horses very well.

Enter Flikker, a patient, experienced Westphalian gelding, who taught so many humans how to ride in his life. He was very clever, he knew all the commands the teacher said and followed them without any further cues of his rider. He also was very kind and had the ability to make every rider feel at ease. He forgave every mistake his rider made, and being assigned to so many beginners meant a lot of errors and confusion. Never did I see him in a bad mood, and believe me: Horses are capable of having tantrums! He also was absolutely great with other horses, he never got into a fight. He always was so gentle and made you believe everything is right with the world. I swear everybody left this horse with a smile!

I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher at this time. He also helped me make it through my first competition – I was so nervous, and he was calmness personified, as you can see in the picture above 😀

Thank you Flikker for helping me through this time. You taught me so much and encouraged me to go on and become the best rider I could be.






5 thoughts on “F is for FLIKKER

  1. This is wonderful, I love your determination to learn to ride, and that your parents finally relented. The worst thing we can do is discourage children from their dreams. It looks like Flicker was the perfect match for your first experience with riding, and I’m delighted it worked out so well. Are you still able to ride? My cousins had horses and riding them for me was an act of courage and delight, although I tended to end up on the ground. 🙂

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