D is for DUCKS

D is for DUCKS


My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

I grew up in the forth largest town in Germany, Cologne. But Cologne is more than one building next to another. Many small parks form a half circle from North to South, this is called the “green belt” (Grüngürtel). In many of these parks are lakes or ponds, most of them inhabited with ducks.

The ducks thaught me how the seasons change when I was a little girl. In Winter (I was two or three on the photo above) we fed them with dry bread to help them through the cold. In spring, the lakes and ponds were full of little yellow, fluffy ducklings. In summer, the ducklings grew and lost their yellow fluff. In autumn, they looked like their parents.

Once I got too near to a flock of ducklings. They sorrounded me, hoping for breadcrumbs. The mother duck saw me as a threat and attacked me, quacking loudly… I didn’t know what to do and called for my mother to get me out of this misery. It was a funny stand-off between a human and a mother duck! But no humans or ducks were harmed 😀





9 thoughts on “D is for DUCKS

  1. Your photo brought back wonderful memories! When I lived in Germany and my daughter was about that age, we used to take her to a beautiful park in Ulm to feed the ducks. How she adored them! That may be where she developed her love for all animals. And yes, it can be quite intimidating to be surrounded by them and a fussing mama duck, I am glad your mother was there to rescue you! I had a not so friendly encounter with a swan once and nearly got bit! The parks in German cities were truly beautiful, as was the lush green countryside where we lived. I hope someday to see it again!

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