B is for BEAGLE / Sparks 5

B is for BEAGLE / Sparks 5


My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

My Sister-in-Law is crazy for Beagles! Their convenient size, relaxed character and soulfoul gaze made her fall in love with this breed. She also wants to help animals that are in need of a new home. The sad thing is, there are many Beagles out there for adoption. The good thing is, two of them were given the opportunity to have a new, happy life.

The first Beagle in the family was Gina. Her mother was rescued from a animal testing facility when she was pregnant. Gina was with us for about twelve years, until she devoloped cancer and finally needed to be put down.

After a short time, my SIL started looking for another Beagle needing a now home. She found Gino on the internet, he is from Greece. He was found on the streets, sitting next to another dead stray dog, who he refused to leave. To this day, he is absolutely terrified of loud popping sounds, for instance the traditional bonfire on New Year’s Eve. Maybe he has been shot at, but we will never know.

When people are short of money, as it was the case in Greece, the animals suffer, too. But one woman didn’t look away, she took Gino in and tried to get him a forever home via the internet. Well, it worked. My SIL fell in love with him at first sight, and his flight to Germany was arranged.

Gino is a very easy going, happy dog. He adjusted to his new home without any problems. He doesn’t mind sharing his home with a cat, and he is friendly to our dogs when they meet. Nobody leaves Gino without sporting a big smile, he surely has a lot of charme. But he can not roam outside without a leash – in true Beagle fashion he follows his nose whereever it takes him 🙂 My SIL still is in contact with the woman who rescued Gino. This dog made two absolutely different people meet.

I post this story also as a part of Sparks. Sometimes all it takes is a person who doesn’t look away, like the greece woman who decided to help Gino. Of course there are times when we are not able to help, but if you can – please do it. Many small things make the world a better place!

I found the idea of sparks at McGuffy’s Reader.

Basically it’s all about making the world a better place by spreading positive thoughts. This is my contribution.



9 thoughts on “B is for BEAGLE / Sparks 5

  1. I love both of these stories, and especially Gino’s since two wonderful caring people changed his sad life into a wonderful one! He sounds like a very sweet dog, Beagles make great companions! You are so right that an act of caring can make all the difference in a life! Blessings to you as we continue on with this Challenge, I hope you are having fun with it! 🙂

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