A is for AMY

A is for AMY


My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

Amy was one of my first toys. She was by my side for about fifteen years, and I literally loved her to pieces. I was devastated when she got lost during a hospital stay in my teenage years.

I don’t remember who gave her to me or at which point she joined my life, but the picture above was taken when was two years old. So we met very early, I would say.

During the following years, she became my confidante. She made me feel  safe at night, I could tell her everything. When I went through the exhausting process of learning how to live with hearing impairment, she was there. When I struggled through school, she comforted me. When my mental health issues became obvious, she reminded me that I had overcome problems in the past and would be better again.

She was renamed a few times, the last time when I was about six years old. Jimmy Carter, who just had become President of the USA, was all over the news. My father and I read a paper together, and I learned Jimmy Carter had a daughter named Amy. I immediately fell in love with this name, and my favourite stuffed toy was known as Amy from this day on.

There are organisations here in Germany that give stuffed animals to children having a hard time – illness, or the divorce of their parents. Remembering Amy, I think this is a very good idea.






9 thoughts on “A is for AMY

  1. This is such a beautiful story. I also love the idea of giving stuffed animals to children who are going through a a hard time.

    I still have one of my first stuffed animals, a whale who has always been named Wally. I got her when I left the neonatal unit at three months of age. I may share about her for my letter W post in the #AtoZChallenge, as my theme is random reflections.

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  2. Lovely story and a wonderful theme I look forward to following. Such a sweet photo. I had quite a collection of stuffed animal friends as a child and they indeed were loving and faithful companions.

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  3. Finally I am here, after a frustrating time with a misbehaving tablet and laptop, what a week for them to act up! I am so glad you decided to participate in the A-Z and I love your theme! I loved stuffed animals too, I have even acquired some new ones as an adult. When I had an office I used to put them in the chairs for visitors, so they had to hold them when they sat down. I find it helped people to relax and I sent more than one home with someone who seemed sad or lonely. 🙂 The policemen and firefighters here also keep a supply of stuffed animals to pass out to children who are in emergency situations and need comfort. I love that! I am so glad you had Amy as a confidante to help you get through some very hard times. She was a blessing to you! Your first furry friend! XOXO

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