Sparks 5

Sparks 5

The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention.

– Thich Nhat Hanh –

(Found this gem over at Therapy Bits)

To those who don’t know me: My hearing isn’t the best, I’m deaf on one ear and need a hearing aid for the other. This means, I have to pay special attention when I talk to you, in person or on the phone. My focus is completely on the person I am talking to. I do not only use my ears to understand the words, I also read lips, look you in the eye and watch your body language. This is exhausting, but I notice a lot. Often I come up with something like: “I feel this is really hard for you”, and people feel relieved and understood. And then they open up and tell things they wouldn’t have dared to say to someone who just accepted their “The usual stress at work” at face value. Of course, nobody can pay attention all the time. But try it! Next time you talk to somebody, let everything else fade in the background. Maybe you’ll be surprised. You will notice the cashier at your local supermarket is really tired today, so give her an extra encouraging smile and mean it when you wish her a good day. It could be exactly what she needs to pull through her exhausting shift. Paying attention to those around you makes them feel validated.
Attention is something that can’t be bought, it is a gift. And you can be sure this will come back to you!

I found the idea of sparks at McGuffy’s Reader.

Basically it’s all about making the world a better place by spreading positive thoughts. This is my contribution.


4 thoughts on “Sparks 5

  1. This was a wonderful Spark to share, Viola! So often in we get distracted in our busy lives with our minds on a hundred things other than what’s happening right where we are at, or we’re stuck on cellphones and miss our surroundings entirely. Taking time to really listen and pay attention to whatis being said is a wonderful gift to give anyone, and you are right that it can make all the difference! By the way, my hearing is also very poor. I wear expensive hearing aids and have for several years, and there are still sounds I cannot hear, like my cats meowing behind the door in the next room, or a car going down our road. It can make life very difficult at times, so I understand exactly what you are saying about paying close attention to try to make sense of what you can hear and fill in the rest! XOXO

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    1. Yes, hearing aids don’t cover everything (and I tried lots of them in the 40+ years I am wearing them). Our pets know sometimes I don’t hear them, and they block my way to get my attention 😀 They are very clever, and it seems the newer ones pick this up from the pets that have been living longer with us.

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