Pain management, Part 2

Pain management, Part 2


If everything is under control, I have an appointment at my pain clinic every three months. First, the patient is given a tablet-PC and asked to answer questions concerning the pain. How bad is it on a scale of 0 to 10? Is the pain persistent, or are there bouts of pain? How much are sleep and everyday life effected by the pain? After that, the patient meets with the doctor. This consultation can focus on the real problems, because many questions has been answered before at the tablet-PC.

I wanted to change the fentanyl patches for less potent pain meds this time. My doctor suggested I stay on the fentanyl for now, of course she noticed that I am not feeling well at the moment. She recommended I change meds later, when I am more stable and can deal better with potential withdrawal problems. But according to her I really should consider an outpatient or inpatient treatment (again, sigh) to help with the issues that are still bothering me.

Anyway, I left the clinic with a good feeling, I am so glad I have found this team. My well-being is put first, and even psychological issues are considered. Sadly, this is not the rule – I know this from experience.

Well, if my other problems could magically disappear now…? This won’t happen, of course. The side effects of milnacipran continue to lessen (I fell twice due to the dizziness, that’s enough). I am still waiting for the posive effects to kick in, though.

Tomorrow I will go to the hairdresser. It’s time for something nice.



2 thoughts on “Pain management, Part 2

  1. I’m glad the team are supportive & that you’re finding them to be a positive experience. Oooo good reminder about the hairdressers (I really should go as it’s been quite a while and my hair is so dry at the ends!) What are you having done, a trim? Hope you enjoy it and spend a bit of ‘you time’ doing something nice afterwards too 🙂
    Caz xx

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