Sparks 2

Sparks 2


This story has two meanings to me. The first is obvious and says “Ignore the negative thoughts of other people, when you really want something.” We all know from experience this is true.

But there is another thing. BE NOT LIKE THE OTHER FROGS! If another person tells you about a dream or goal, be positive and supportive. Not everybody is deaf, or can block out negative thoughts. Be the reason somebody reaches the top of a tree!

I found the idea of sparks at Mc Guffy’s Reader.

Basically it’s all about making the world a better place by spreading positive thoughts. This is my contribution.

14 thoughts on “Sparks 2

      1. And then the Slavic lumberjack came and chopped the tree. 😀 (Slavs are known to live in the forests and mountainous regions with a lot of forests) 😀 It crumbles the story. It can also be interpreted that you should at least have some limits and know the danger in life. If you dream too wild and grow to fast, it can be very dangerous. Caution is important, wouldn’t you agree?

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      2. OK, this is a really good twist, chopping the tree😄.I am also on the cautious side of life, and knowing your limits is very important. When you fall from the tree you are about to climb and hurt yourself, everything may be ruined, so to speak.

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  1. Two wonderful ways to look at the fable. Can’t you just imagine the thrill of the “deaf” frog in thinking everyone was yelling encouragement!? We should all hold on to that thinking in all we attempt to do.

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