Bake, bake a cake

Bake, bake a cake

(The title refers to a german children’s song)

Days like today are hard. The days I put a lot of pressure on myself (we could have bought cake, after all). The days I know that what I start today has to be finished the same day (birthdays can’t be postponed to another date). The days that I know will be exhausting (my back doesn’t like sitting or standing for hours).

Tomorrow will be my husband’s birthday. For my sake, he didn’t invite friends and family to come over, because I really am not up to it right now. I want him at least to have a good time with his colleagues tomorrow. I want to do at least this for him.

It was as bad as I expected it to be. After standing in the kitchen for an hour, my back screamed bloody murder. My brain was foggy, I don’t know I often I had to read the instructions. And when I looked around after everything was finished, seeing the usual chaos of dirty bowls, sticky egg shells and burnt baking moulds, thinking “I should really clean everything up now, because I will have to cook later” I just wanted to scream, or cry.

But somehow I managed to pull through. My husband can present his colleagues with an eggnog ring cake, a cake resembling cow fur (white spots on chocolate dough), and a crumble cherry pie tomorrow. Eggnog and crumble cherry are his favourite, he let me choose the third.

The only thing left to do is signing the birthday card. Then everything is set for the big day.

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