Friendly Fill-Ins Week 94

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 94

It’s Friday and I again participate in the Friendly Fill-Ins, hosted by McGuffy’s Reader and 15andmeowing So here we go:

1. My favorite president is John F. Kennedy, because he made West Germany feel protected during a very dark time of the Cold War.

2. This weekend, I have plans to get some treats for our furbabies and bake three cakes for my husband’s birthday on Monday.

3. I am addicted to my  mobile phone! I am very aware of the fact that there were times were we managed to get along without them, but it makes my life a lot easier. Music, games, something to read, the possibility to reach out for family and friends keep me busy during bus rides, waiting rooms and hospital stays.

4. I believe in a loving God, who cares for everything and everybody on earth. And we in return should love and treasure what is around us.

8 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-Ins Week 94

  1. Thank you for participating, great answers. Happy Birthday to your husband. How lucky that he gets 3 cakes. I think JFK was a wonderful president too.Have a nice weekend!

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  2. One of the things that I love about Reagan was his tearing down the Wall. I had several friends in Germany with the US Army. They said that it was quite an experience to watch this historical event.
    I agree, cell phones are a lifeline. We just need to remember to have balance.
    Your #4 was really spot on. HUGS!

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    1. I remember this time very vividly. We had relatives living in East Germany, so we were concerned for their well being as well. What still gives me chills is how brilliantly this situation was handled. The world leaders sitting together and figuring out what to do without any violence.


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