Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

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When I watched my first episode of the X-Files, I immediately fell in love with Gillian Anderson! Well, we have nothing in common except our height, but this didn’t matter. Especially her expressive blue eyes drew me in. I liked how she developed her character Dana Scully through the years. And I admired how Scully managed to prevail in a world dominated by male characters. How often I rolled my eyes with Scully, when Mulder got himself into trouble or talked about his far fetched theories. It never ceased to amaze me, for the whole nine seasons! Gillian Anderson always managed to add something new to Scully.

The X-Files ended, I was sad, but life went on. We had internet now, following Gillian’s Anderson career was easy. What wasn’t shown on German TV, I got on english/american DVD later. Gillian Anderson moved to London and sometimes did theater. I didn’t have the money to travel to the US, but London was doable!

And so in 2009 a dream came true. I was in London with my best friend, it was the evening before my 38th birthday, we were sitting in the Donmar Warehouse and waiting for Gillian Anderson to appear as “Nora” in Ibsen’s “A doll’s house”. My heart was beating so fast. It was something I hopefully will never forget. The audience in the small theater was sitting together really close, it was a very intimate atmosphere. The cast was great, and to watch Gillian Anderson developing her version of “Nora” was breathtaking. She really can act. Once again, I was smitten. And her trademark blue eyes are captivating off screen as well.

Since then, I have been following even more closely what she is working on, what charaties she supports and how she is portrayed in the media. Right now her presentation of DSI Stella Gibson in the british/irish TV-Show “The Fall” is my favourite.

Anyway, back in May 2009 something came true what I would have labelled inpossible before – being close to my big role model. This is something I try to keep in mind in my current, difficult situation: What seems to be immpossible today, may be possible later.

But for now, I will just enjoy the new episodes of the X-Files and look forward to meeting Dany Scully again…


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