Homemade Horrortrip

Homemade Horrortrip


In yesterday’s post I mentioned that psychotropic drugs are no panaceas. Taking Milnacipran for the first time today reminded me of this and turned out to be a drama in three acts. Acting persons were sensible Viola (sV) and crazy Viola (cV).


1. Act

sV und cV: Ok, let’s give this a go! [take Milnacipran capsule]

[sV und cV have breakfast, drink tea and talk to the postman, everything is fine with the world.].

cV zu sV: I feel a little off…

sV: Let’s find a nice place to lay down.

[cV und sV lay down on the bed and surf the internet to see what happened in the world… Denmark’s Prince Henrik has died, things are looking better at the German Stock Exchange, sunny winter days ahead…]

cV [jumps up]: Help! I’m dying! My heart is racing, I feel sick to the stomach, I am dizzy and my head is about to explode! sV, call an ambulance, this must be f*cking serotonine syndrome!!!

sV [mouth agape]: Well, shit!

2. Act

cV stumbles aimlessly around and mutters nonsense, like, “Why did I agree to try this; always the same with this stuff; what should I do; I am home alone…”]

sV [does some research concerning possible side effects and elimination time of Milnaciprane, connects with some friends and starts to feel better. Taps cV on the shoulder]: Calm down now, this will pass! This happened before, we will survive! But right now, we really better hurry for the toilet, something wants out!

Half an our later.

[cV to sV]: Shitty situation, isn’t it?

sV: Literally. But I think the worst is over.

3. Act

[cV and sV chill on the bed and nibble on a piece of toast].

sV: See? Everything is so much better now.

cV: Yes. I hope we will not have to go through this again tomorrow.

sV: I hope so, too…

Joking aside: I learned to not completely lose it. If I lose it, I may have to go to the psychiatric outpatient clinic. It is a well-known fact that symptoms can worsen before the patient feels better where anti depressants are concerned. This has to be taken seriously.

I am aware of this, and I know what I can do in case of a crisis. It was so helpful today that there are people I can talk to. Sometimes you just need somebody who listens and says: “Well, this sucks!”



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