Decisions, decisions…

Decisions, decisions…

In response to The Daily Post: tend.

I tend to take my time when big dicisions lie ahead.

It is not that I don’t trust my subconscious: Pondering on the first thoughts and feelings plays an important part in coming to a conclusion.

It is not that I can’t be spontaneous: It can be so much fun to act on impulses, but not where severe consequences are to be expected.

But I like to make informed decisions. Gathering information by talking to other people or consulting the internet helps me to see aspects I otherwise wouldn’t have been aware of. I listen to everybody, but I have the final say.

Sometimes thinking things through makes me change my mind, and I end up doing something different from my initial thoughts.

Sometimes my train of thoughts takes me back to the beginning, and it is like I never spend time wondering what to do.

But taking the time to see an issue from all sides is never in vain. It helps me to calmly accept whatever comes after the decision has been made. Because I know I made the best decision possible, and this is all I can ask for.

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