Occupational Therapy, Part 2

Occupational Therapy, Part 2


Today was the last of my ten single OT sessions. In fact, I only had nine, because the first one was spent on going through my medical history and setting therapy goals. We started the nine sessions with crafting a wooden angel. At my request, we changed to cooking and baking. It may be a good feeling to take something home you crafted from scratch, but it is more helpful for me to get something of my daily chores done in therapy. Depression still has a strong grip on me, and its strongest weapon right now is listlessness. This effects even things as mundane as cooking.

The single OT-sessions may be only one hour in a gloomy week, but it does help me so much. Somehow OT is important enough to get my s*it togeher and leave the house. And while the therapist and I are standing in the kitchen and chatting along, something delicious is created at the same time. Something I wouldn’t have found the time for, had I stayed at home. Truth be told, I do not need help with cooking, so the therapist gets herself a cup of tea and basically just keeps me company. This makes me feel a looseness I rarely feel these days.

I am responsible for preparing these cooking sessions. My brain is occupied with something sensible like planning and shopping for a short time. Tody, as shown on the picture above, we made antipasti on puff pastry with feta cheese gratiné.

Years ago, I would have called this kind of therapy “useless”, because it does not have a “real” goal, like going to work again. But times change. Right now, I am very glad to have this possibility, it helps me to overcome a hard time.

I am thankful that my psychiatrist is very supporting as OT is concerned, so I can get a follow-up-prescription, and enjoy cooking at least once a week. This time, it will be ten sessions of therapy and not nine, my therapist and I agree that no new therapy goals need to be set. It will be Thursday and not Monday from now on, but I can live with this.

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