Let it snow…

Let it snow…


It began snowing yesterday evening, resulting in icy roads. This morning about 20 cm of fresh snow had piled up. We would have enjoyed the weather by drinking hot cocoa or taking a walk, but we didn’t have time for that. My husband had to go to work unexpectedly and I was busy keeping the sidewalk in front of our house reasonably snow free. My back didn’t like this at all.

As far as our furbabies are concerned, the snow came up to Jackie‘s tummy, so she briefly sniffed the crisp air and has been staying in warm places ever since. Sam doesn’t care, and Janet loves it. We were really in for a big surprise the first winter she lived with us, watching this then so shy dog playing in the snow with abandon. Things haven’t changed, and it warms our hearts every time when we watch her racing around in the snow bright-eyed and happy.


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